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Your Engaged… NOW WHAT?

Engaged… NOW What?

You’re engaged! What an exciting time for you, your fiancé and your families. After the initial shock of that special moment wears off (and you take a moments to stop staring at your sparkly new bling on your finger) you’ll need to make a lot of decisions.  Allow us to break down the important things to do to kick off wedding planning!

Daydream (a Lot)

Get a bunch of wedding magazines, look at wedding venues, blog-stalk your favorite photographer. Give yourself permission to turn into it’s own ‘wedding channel.’ Now is a good time to gather ideas that inspire you and to learn what you do and don’t want for your wedding.

Set a Budget and Stick to it!

 Prior to making any wedding decisions, you need to figure out what you have to spend. It’s easy to get carried away planning one of the best days of your life. Always make sure you and your fiancé are in agreement about your priorities. 

Places Please!

 Figuring out where to hold the reception is hard work. You may visit several venues before finding “the one.” Where you wed can dictate a lot about your wedding, from the date to the dress code. Make this part of the planning as fun as possible by staying calm and organized. 

Last but certainly NOT least……


Do your best to avoid any unnecessary stress. You don’t want anyone cracking Bridezilla jokes about you, right?